Best Cat Food - What To Feed Your Cat To Keep Them Ultra Healthy

When a cat is completely healthy, it's obvious, they have a nice thick healthy fur coat, their eyes shine, and they are active and attentive. Diet and exercise have a large impact on our cats, but what exactly is the best cat food to feed our precious little friends?

Well, if you ask ten different people you will probably get ten different answers. However, there are a few things which are fairly self evident in the cat food world, and one of those facts is that cheap food can truly be toxic.

Remember the scare a while back about the cat food from China with all of those toxic chemicals inside of it? Well that stuff still goes on, no matter how hard the FDA and other agencies try to police things. If you're trying to save a buck or two on food, you might want to re-think your strategy. You could very well be slowly snuffing the very life out of your cat.

We're not going to go into brands and brand names here, because we don't really believe that store bought food is the very best cat food around. We prefer to observe nature and let it guess us, in other words, we believe that good old raw meat is what's best for your cat. It is the best cat food around, but, you have to know what a cat's tummy prefers when it comes to kinds of meat to feed them successfully.

Think about the cat for a minute, the cat in the wild, what would it's natural diet be? Birds, for one, mice, perhaps larger prey as well. The big cats of the world take down water buffalo, antelope, and other large prey, and, our domesticated house cats are not that cat food wet far removed genetically from the great cats. Therefore, the best foods that we can buy at the grocery that are appropriate for our cats would be chicken, lamb, and beef, you could also include duck, pheasant, and deer meat in season.

All of these choices would be excellent for your cat. Store bought dry cat food doesn't even compare nutritionally, it's like night and day, and you're cat's health will sky rocket when you make the switch. Can you feed kitten's the same diet?

You sure can, they were also meant to eat raw meat, albeit in smaller beat sized chucks. This is the way cats were meant to eat, the best cat food in the world is at the local butcher shop or in your grocer's meat aisle.

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